Ostrava region - Katowice airport

With the summer holiday season currently starting, we are working intensively on resuming traffic from Ostrava to Katowice (Pyrzowice) airport and back.

We will again drive the route 3 times a day: Havířov - Frýdek Místek - Ostrava - Bohumín - Katowice airport and back.

Follow the current situation here on the website or on FB https://www.facebook.com/osobnidopravamikrobusy 

The reservation system will also be launched soon and a lot of news when traveling from Ostrava to Katowice airport.

If you currently need transport to Katowice airport (as well as others), contact us by phone, e-mail or via the form.



Mánesova 971/26

736 01 Havířov-Město


Výstavní 1928/9

702 00 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava


Green company

We are involved in the Green Business Project
We drive environmentally friendly, vehicles min. Euro 5